Video: the latest trend in social media


Social media is continuously changing the way we communicate and consume information, and in recent years, video content has emerged to become one of the standout trends in the marketing landscape.

The number of people watching videos on social media has more than doubled since 2018. In fact, according to a study by Cisco, 82% of all online content will be in video format by the end of 2022.

Unlike reading a long-winded paragraph, videos can be easily consumed and are a fantastic way to increase engagement and capture your viewers’ attention within a few seconds.

As consumers, many of us are guilty of aimlessly scrolling through our social media channels, captivated by the most compelling content and trends. The power of video allows marketers to tell their story and condense information into an easily digestible format that is long enough to maintain viewers’ attention, but short enough to leave you wanting more.

Whilst Instagram is still a firm favourite, TikTok is moving up the ranks in popularity. With several useful tools such as ads and business profiles, TikTok is becoming a popular choice for business advertising and is no longer just a platform where Gen Z’s can show off their latest dance moves.


Zakazukha’s strategy for producing Cooking with Diego’s

Who doesn’t love a good cooking video? Over the past few months at Zakazukha HQ, we’ve been working closely with our client – Diego’s – to create a series of promotional cooking videos to be used through various platforms including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. Check it out here!

Diego’s is a tortilla manufacturer that supplies and distributes its delicious and authentic tortillas both locally and internationally. Each month, their in-house chef, Aida, spends time creating new recipes for Diego’s blog posts and social media. So, it made perfect sense to take these regular cooking demonstrations and turn them into compelling video content.

The Zakazukha team got to work researching the latest food video trends and collaboratively worked with Diego’s to plan a cooking day filming several recipes being prepared. Diego’s tag line is ‘from our kitchen to yours’, so we decided to film the recipes in a home-based kitchen and capture a more appealing, friendly vibe.

We invited Diego’s employee, Sean, along to the cooking sessions to learn how to make the recipes alongside Aida and encouraged them to chat, make a few jokes and (of course) taste the final delicious result.

When it comes to creating effective video content, it’s important to draw in your audience quickly with clear and concise messaging. A good way to capture a target audience is to find relevant topics that are trending. Zakazukha researched trending recipes and included recipes in the likes of California Burritos, Fish Tacos and Pico de Gallo.

After filming all the content, we worked on the editing, creating different formats, lengths and sizes which could all be used on platforms such as YouTube, Instagram stories, Instagram reels and TikTok. Each recipe episode was made into a long-form YouTube video for Diego’s website, eDM’s and blog to entice users to sign up to their channel. Once the long-form video was created, it could easily be condensed into shorter snippets with snappy tunes and catchy titles added to spice up Diego’s social media platforms.

The Zakazukha team understands the value of using the right hashtags, posting content at the best times for maximum engagement to reach new followers and drive customers back to the company website.


Diego’s Authentic Foods

Over 25 years ago, Diego’s became the first company in Australia to produce a corn tortilla. As a Californian native, where the flavours of Mexico are prevalent, Diego’s owner, Deann, craved the corn tortillas she grew up with and decided to make her own, bringing authentic tortillas and wraps to Australia.

While many Aussies may have been familiar with the ubiquitous hard taco shell, these are not traditionally part of the Mexican diet. However, the corn tortilla is, and it’s consumed in copious quantities throughout Mexico and the United States.

Diego’s target market includes retailers, restaurants, individuals, and food suppliers. With a diverse product range supplied to the retail and food service market, the company’s customer base is located locally, nationally, and internationally.


Zakazukha social media video production services

Zakazukha is in the business of content creation and if video content is currently not in your marketing strategy, it’s time you got on board. Creating catchy branded videos isn’t hard, it just requires a bit of research and can be done easily using your phone – simple!

Our team understands how social media works. We keep up with all the latest trends and can help you create an effective plan of attack to add video content into your existing marketing plan.

If you’re looking to produce content that really speaks to your audience, Zakazukha is always here to help!

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