The Zakazukha team hosted our first ever biannual networking party, Yaka @ Zaka, at our headquarters in Burleigh to celebrate the end of the financial year. Safe to say, it was AWESOME!

There was plenty of food to go round thanks to the Instagram-worthy grazing board and tasty Mexican snacks, as well as endless drinks supplied from our epic fully-stocked Zaka bar.

It was great to meet and greet with local businesses from the Burleigh area and to catch up with our clients, all accompanied by a killer customised Spotify playlist pumping catchy tunes throughout the night.

We’re always looking for a reason to party, but in all sincerity, the Yaka @ Zaka event was born from a desire to celebrate our amazing clients and to build a stronger network with the local community, all whilst having a bit of fun.

The party kicked off just before sundown at around 4pm when the team cracked open the first champagne bottle. Sipping our drinks, we excitedly waited for our guests to arrive and (with mouths watering) watched Karla from Duna Picnic and Grazing set up the stunning 1.5m grazing table.

A few drinks and pool games later, the party started to wind down around 8 pm – not too shabby for a Friday night. After all the guests headed home, the Zaka team yakked on for a little longer around the cosy outdoor party setup before the clean-up commenced.

It was such a great night to catch up with everyone and enjoy some quality time with all our Zaka friends, both old and new. We loved having you there!

If you couldn’t make it to this one, don’t fret! We are holding another Yaka @ Zaka this October. So, stay tuned and be ready for the next fun night with us!

Yakkity Yak – please come back!

The Zaka Team x