Roses Only blossoms onto Weekend Today set


Roses Only recently graced the studio of national breakfast television program Weekend Today with several beautiful flower arrangements for Mother’s Day! The table in front of the presenters was decorated with three white hat boxes boasting a gorgeous mixture of pink, white, purple, and yellow flowers. Behind the lounge suite, two larger bouquets displayed in vases beautifully framed the set and were seen throughout many of the news stories.

Despite the gifting fads that come and go, an arrangement of gorgeous flowers is still one of the most popular ways to express Happy Mother’s Day wishes; it’s a simple and unpretentious gesture that instantly brightens anyone’s day.

The stunning and elegant flowers were visible throughout the morning for the presenters and viewers to enjoy. Weekend Today gave Roses Only several shout-outs during the show for the beautiful gifts and host Belinda Russell shared a lovely post featuring the flowers on her Instagram page, which has a following of 259,000 people.


Zakazukha’s strategy for featuring on Weekend Today

Sending a stunning arrangement of flowers on Mother’s Day is a lovely tradition celebrated in Australia and across the world, so Zakazukha helped Roses Only organise for their flowers to be displayed in Weekend Today’s studio for Sunday’s celebrations.

The strategy was to target the national morning program with a meaningful PR piece that expressed the significance of gifting flowers. As a premium retailer of flowers and gifts, Roses Only proved to be a great business for Weekend Today to partner with for the special occasion.

Zakazukha succeeded in connecting with Weekend Today, and Roses Only’s amazing florists put together several incredible flower arrangements that were featured on set throughout the entire three-hour program.


About Roses Only

Roses Only brings together almost 50 years of retail and floristry experience coupled with a national operation employing over 300 people and 11 florist studios with local teams of creative, passionate people preparing and packaging beautiful same-day delivery orders.

Roses Only offers the perfect gift for all birthdays, anniversaries, special celebrations or just to say, ‘I love you’. Their florists can create everything from striking, elegant bouquets to flamboyant, dramatic floral arrangements that suit specific needs and budgets.

For more information on floral gifts, hampers and more, please visit www.rosesonly.com.au.


Zakazukha’s Public Relations Services

Media exposure can do wonders for a business, individual or cause. It can highlight a product or service to a larger audience, drive sales or disseminate a simple yet important message to influence change or decision.

Zakazukha can create strategic PR campaigns that help boost a brand’s visibility and credibility to a wide audience. We do this by building a solid story, framing it correctly and executing it just right to get the best result.

The news media is constantly working themselves out of a barrage of media pitches from various PR firms and businesses, all hoping to generate media exposure for their client. But not all of these get over the line.

There’s a basic structure that most media pitches follow. First, the story needs to be considered not just for the obvious, but for the traditional and well-worn news values. Secondly, the audience needs to be carefully considered and available news channels need to be acknowledged. Without identifying an appropriate readership or viewership, there is no story.

Finally, the story needs to be executed with a journalist’s eye, both in determining what’s going on (framing) and what the actual story is (telling). It all comes down to knowing what kind of story works best for which publication or program.

In this case, we were looking for the ideal product placement for Roses Only. So, whilst the conversation on the program focused on this special celebration of motherhood and how to light up a loved one’s day, a professionally created array of flowers was clearly on display.


Getting great media attention!

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