What does your digital footprint say about you?


If you’re pitching for new business to a prospective client, the first thing someone will do after you’ve met with them is go online to check you out, but what does your digital footprint say about you?

Searching is not creepy or stalking. Rather, it’s what anyone would or should do to check your bona fides to ensure what you’re offering and the company behind it are real and reliable.

Unfortunately, many don’t pay attention to their digital footprint – that is, what you can find and see about your business online, which can play a role in influencing decisions.

In a commercial sense, your digital footprint can include your website, social media pages, articles about you, reviews, or anything that comes up in a search.

SEO is a tactic, albeit reactive, which businesses use to push down any bad news or reviews but being proactive is a much easier way to deal with the issue.

For example, what impression does your website give? Put yourself in the shoes of your prospective client and think if you’d be comfortable doing business with what you see.

Websites are still widely viewed as a stationary online brochure by many businesses. However, as a digital asset, it should be updated and refreshed regularly.

Do you have social media channels and are they being used? There’s nothing worse than seeing the last post was in 2016 with no activity since. The same goes for blogs – if there’s a break of a few months or more, then it shows a lack of attention to care and detail.

Are your social media links clear on your website so people can easily access them and see your activity? If you think they don’t matter in today’s business environment, you’re wrong – they’re expected, so leaving them as an afterthought can damage your brand.

Do you have links to press articles if you have an active media relations campaign? The rise of digital PR as a tactic has reached a point where it can now seriously help your business by positively contributing to your digital footprint and SEO.

Maintaining all these assets requires work and resourcing as they’re hungry beasts to feed, but if leaving a great first impression is important, then so too is looking after your digital footprint.