When it comes to branding: it’s not business, it’s personal


Zakazukha was recently asked to create a complete logo and branding package for new recruitment company – Peopling, who required a snazzy logo, concise brand guidelines, business card design and email signature.

Employer Branding

Brand image is the simplest definition of an organisation, as it moulds together all aspects of a company’s culture, mission and values. With any branding project, it’s important to attract the right type of customer, which for Peopling is job seekers.

In order to attract a group of potential candidates, organisations need to position themselves as an employer of choice. This activity is known as ’employer branding’ and involves establishing a clear sense of identity and personality to ensure a business aligns with its ideal candidates.

Simply put, positive employer branding helps to attract and retain quality employees who will be crucial to the success and growth of your business.

The Peopling Story

Peopling’s mission is to connect potential employers with perfectly matched employees. To do this, they wanted to tell an organisational story of connection, approachability and professionalism.

Having come from a corporate background, Peopling’s Director, Ashleigh, wanted to steer away from predictable and generic logos which are often utilised in the business world. Instead, she asked for something more colourful, friendly and which hadn’t been done over and over before.

Since Peopling’s aim is to link employers with employees, Zakazukha knew it was important to capture the essence of connectivity and to portray two parties coming together and finding one another, all whilst using a friendly and casual, yet professional tone of voice.

Zakazukha’s Design Strategy

After researching current trends, performing keyword searches and brainstorming various image ideas, Zakazukha came up with a few different concepts which included a smiley face and a chain link. Following this, the team drafted various designs, surveyed the company demographic and narrowed down our ideas to three core concepts, eventually settling on the imagery of two hands reaching out to one another.

The key to a good logo is something that works well both in colour and monotone, is easily identifiable and memorable to consumers. After coming up with various ways to depict the hands reaching out, in the end, our team concluded that sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. The curved device was born from this idea, and, with a bit of tweaking, we noticed that it appeared as a smile and conveyed the friendly characteristics which Peopling was looking to portray.​

Next was typography. Zakazukha decided on a sans serif font with the company name written in lower case. The subtle power of switching a font from all upper case to lowercase can have a big impact – uppercase tends to look more bold, powerful and authoritative, whereas lower-case conveys more emotional depth. The lowercase typeface we chose for Peopling’s logo demonstrates the desired informal, relaxed quality which feels friendlier and more approachable.

To emphasise ‘connection’, we placed each end of the device under the letters ‘P’ and ‘O’, so it appears to be linking the letters with one another – creating a smily effect.

Colour was also an important factor for Ashleigh, which she highlighted in our earliest consultations. Subsequently, we researched various colours and their meanings, and settled on pink for approachability, purple for confidence, and yellow for cheerfulness and optimism.

All in all, this was a fun project for the Zaka team, and we hope you like it as much as we do!

Zakazukha’s Branding Services

At Zakazukha, we understand that creating a brand is more than just slapping a bunch of letters and a pretty picture together to make a logo. Branding is the process of researching, developing and focusing on an organisation’s bigger picture.

Creating a brand is about telling your company story and developing a distinctive feature or set of features which encourage consumers to associate your brand with a specific product or service.

Zakazukha can help you find your niche and help you convey the message you’re trying to send. From fetching colour palettes to typeface selection, eye-catching imagery and effective taglines – Zakazukha can help tell your company’s narrative and in turn attract the right customers.

If you’re a new business who’s just starting out or a well-established organisation wanting a simple brand refresh, get in touch with the team at Zakazukha to see how we can help with your employer branding. Call or email us today!