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Five simple steps to get your marketing off to a great start for 2022

Five simple steps to get your marketing off to a great start for 2022
Five simple steps to get your marketing off to a great start for 2022

The new year is traditionally a trigger point to create a plan and strategy, particularly in your marketing efforts. Don't spend time agonising over what you should do, instead focus on the fact that it all starts with a few simple steps.

  1. Review your 2021 marketing results for key outcomes
    As we grind through the gears of January and rev up for the year ahead, it's the perfect time to check back over the results of your marketing activities from the previous year. There are endless potential marketing goals for you to start the new year with. The key is to look at what you know, how it's been going and then determine what's next.
  1. Identify what worked and what didn't
    Cast a critical eye over your results, the successes, and failures, so that you can apply the best tactics to your strategy for the year ahead. Creating new goals, or expanding upon current goals, must include data and research. Whether it's from your customers, website analytics, or employees. What trends are you seeing in your industry? How does that differ locally, regionally, and nationally? How your customers are finding your business can also provide insight into what channels need more attention and focus.
  1. Ask your customers
    Find out how your brand or business is perceived in the market. What do your customers think of you and why do they choose you above your competitor? There are simple, straightforward ways to get this information. You can ask your customers when they visit your store, or you can send them a quick survey after completing an online purchase. What they are saying about your business can give you valuable insight into what is, and isn't, working.
  1. Optimise digital channels (website & social media)
    Your digital channels website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter are your life support. Are your profiles up-to-date? Does the available content speak to your target audience and prospects? Is it aligned with your business goals? How is the engagement? For example, your audience might not be engaging on Instagram at all, but you had more success with LinkedIn. Then that's where you want to target your content.
    Your marketing needs are going to be specific to you and your business - there's nothing generic about setting goals and there are many factors to consider, including that your marketing goal is likely to be linked with your business goals. Start with your 2021 marketing results. If you're prepared to be honest, these should show some obvious gaps or areas for improvement. Rather than allocating resources to something that isn't working, be prepared to drop something and focus on building a stronger presence where your customers are.

How can Zakazukha help?

Zakazukha is an integrated marketing and communications agency, which prides itself on getting your story right, creating tailored strategies, utilising the best tactics, tools, and mediums, to deliver on your business and marketing objectives. This includes PR, media, social media, website design and development as well as digital marketing and advertising among others. Your success in achieving your marketing objectives is why we started this agency, so that we can work with our clients and do more of what matters.

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