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It’s an Ipromea wrap!

It’s an Ipromea wrap!
It’s an Ipromea wrap!

What's that? Ipromea's ute got a brand wrap? Well, that's a pretty cool way to generate more brand awareness whilst on the road! Not only is it a great way to represent your company while driving around, especially if you're on the road often, it's also a great space to market your logo and contact details in order to capture potential customers. To give you an idea of how getting a car wrap works, we've unwrapped the whole process below from start to finish.

The Brief: design a car wrap

The first step you need to take is getting the make and model of the car, so we can determine the space where the design can be incorporated onto the vehicle exterior. In this instance, Ipromea had a Toyota Hilux ute.

We then found the technical drawings and got our client to take some photos of the ute's sides, front and back so we were able to get some mock ups done. The next step is working out a compelling design that compliments the colours of the car and can be easily seen by other drivers on the road.

What do I need to include on my car wrap?

There are a few basic things you need to remember to add. These include:

  • Logo
  • Tagline (describes what you do/offer)
  • Phone number
  • Website URL
  • Images that represent your brand

It's important to stick with your brand colours as much as possible, but there are also some vehicle wraps that use fun designs like broken glass, see-through car, the whole car is a dog but it depends on the purpose of your design and whether you're after something super eye-catching or a more professional design.

Start with some design concepts

The Zakazukha Account Manager and Graphic Designer worked together to come up with a few design concepts. Creating a variety of designs can help kick off the process and allows us to get a better idea from the client as to whether we are on the right track. Ideally, we would like to get a detailed brief that covers all the aspects that need to be included in the design, but sometimes our clients don't quite know what they want until they see something to start with. This may take some additional time so the more information you can provide in the brief, the better and more efficient the process will be.

Where to get it wrapped?

Our client had a preferred supplier, so in this case, we only needed to supply design files allowing the signwriter to create the wrap accordingly. At Zakazukha, we are able to work with any signwriter to ensure the wrap design is meeting the requirements of the client. Depending on where your vehicle is located, we can source the best supplier in the area and get a great price to ensure your car is done to the highest standard possible.

Finalising the car wrap design

After some feedback and changes, plus more shuffling around of elements, we slowly but surely get to the final design that the client is happy with. Because a car wrap is a design that will remain for some time, the client needs to factor in whether the images on the car will still be relevant in a year or two's time. As it's not that cheap to get a car wrapped frequently, you'd want to try to limit the chances of changes having to be made. For Ipromea, they knew that they had some new products landing later in the year so we created a design where the back window panel could be replaced rather than having to replace the entire wrap. The Pet Ambassadors, Chino and the late Porkchops, were added to the car as they have a close link to the brand (and not to mention are pretty cute looking dogs).Check out the end result. After the vehicle got wrapped, we had a visit from Tony with the new Ipromea car, allowing the Zakazukha team to capture these great videos for sharing on Ipromea's social media.

About Ipromea

Ipromea is a company that specialises in functional products containing probiotics for pets. They have been growing their brand over the last year with the help of the marketing, media and brand experts at Zakazukha. They've recently had TVC hit the screens and have some other exciting things happening on the horizon.

Need a car wrap designed for your business?

If you have personnel in your business, such as sales representatives or tradespeople always on the road, getting a branded car wrap could have a lasting impact, and we are more than happy to help! Zakazukha have an experienced and creative team that can help take your branding to the next level with a vehicle wrap. To find out more about how we can help you to create quality designs and branding for your business, contact us today at [email protected] or +61 7 5607 0899.