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Sofar, so good! The local and global music phenomenon comes to Zakazukha!

Sofar, so good! The local and global music phenomenon comes to Zakazukha!
Sofar, so good! The local and global music phenomenon comes to Zakazukha!

There's something very special about a secret event of the musical variety, and we can now reveal that Zakazukha recently participated in a fantastic collaboration with the team from Sofar Sounds on the Gold Coast.

Sofar Sounds reimagines the magic of a live music event experience through curated, intimate performances in unique locations.

A Sofar gig sets the scene for a relaxed environment to share a drink while enjoying new music you have not likely heard before.

Sofar transforms everyday spaces - like a living room, a retail shop or in our case an industrial-style office space - and turns it into a captivating venue for secret, live shows, creating an immersive experience that brings guests and artists closer together.

The team at Sofar Gold Coast curate and host these events at secret locations in our region with a hand-picked selection of three of the best current artists who perform a range of music for such intimate situations.

Each Sofar gig is small and typically features three diverse acts with no high-profile headliner.

The recent gig performed at our office space was an overwhelmingly positive experience, with intimate shows by three artists from the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Byron Bay.

And we loved it! In fact, it took us awhile to come down off the high from last week's gig at Zaka HQ.

The artists were amazing, playing a mix of folk to reggae, and we were really impressed by the quality of all three performances. Further credit goes to the sound crew for creating an excellent mix in our concrete-floored space.

The selection of artists for the event was curated in acknowledgement of International Women's Day in March, with a female led cast. First up was Beckah Amani (@becamani) performing a soulful acoustic guitar set, followed by Yasmin Williams (@yazwilliams) again on guitar with a spirit-filled folk feast before Zaynab Wilson (@zaynabwilsonmusic) on drums and ukulele took us on a soul, folk and reggae journey to round out the night.

The audience was great also, with a local and international crowd who were at all times respectful in the use of our premises as a pop-up music venue.

The other plus for us was working with the wonderful Sofar Gold Coast team, who were fantastic hosts and a great team to collaborate with, from our initial enquiries to packing up after the show.

They were just so friendly, considerate, organised and genuine that it made for a pretty much perfect event.

It really is a great way to build a large community and an opportunity for artists and audiences to come together in unique and welcoming spaces with the added element of surprise.Why did Zakazukha choose to get involved?

Aside from our love of a wide variety of music and live performances, for us, getting involved with Sofar Gold Coast was a way of celebrating local.

There's a big conversation about shopping local to support local businesses, which is fantastic, and something we wholeheartedly agree with.

But we also believe this can easily extend to supporting local artists and performers, who are microbusinesses in themselves within an industry that has suffered similar losses of work and income in the current economic climate.

We would happily host another Sofar Sounds gig again and look forward to seeing this movement grow and develop.

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