Awards recognise Plant Doctor’s business growth


Awards are a great tool to add to an overall marketing strategy as they promote brand recognition and create social proof. Zakazukha’s long-time client Plant Doctor was recently announced as a monthly winner of the coveted Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards for the Manufacturing category.

Despite being Plant Doctor’s third win for the local business award, this was the first time the company has taken out the monthly top gong in the Manufacturing category, with two previous wins in the Family Business category.

As far as awards go, the Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards have grown to be recognised as the region’s most comprehensive and prestigious business awards. Now in their 27th year, the awards aim to contribute to the identity of the Gold Coast and help develop pride within the local business community.


Zakazukha’s strategy for award submissions
Entering awards is part of Zakazukha’s service offering and an important part of a marketing plan, as they increase credibility and differentiate a business from its competitors. When considering entering or nominating clients for awards, our strategy involves researching relevant business and industry awards that will add value to the client’s brand.

We do this by investigating appropriate awards that will help generate positive results and then keep a thorough record of key dates and application criteria. While researching potential accolades, we look at local and national industry awards for business growth, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Once Zakazukha has mapped out an awards calendar, we’ll start to draft the application, which requires time and attention to detail. As experienced storytellers, this is Zakazukha’s strength – understanding your story and communicating it in an effective and impressive manner that stands out to a judging panel.


How awards can help a business, brand or individual
Awards are a strong third-party endorsement for a brand, business or individual who is trying to increase their profile. Brands and businesses have long used awards as a seal of approval to demonstrate their quality services or products to potential customers or prospective clients.

For a business, getting an accolade to their name is a fantastic way to strengthen relationships with suppliers, communicate a positive message to a customer or client base and provide an edge over competitors. Awards can also raise employee morale as they signal that a business is being recognised and acknowledged for their hard work, commitment and continued efforts of improvement and growth.

Further, awards can help attract talented employees and improve a business’ hiring stature. Awards validate a business as being one of the best in a particular category or pool of talent, so a win can assist with employee retention and entice the highest calibre of job applicants.


How awards generate exposure and interest
Awards should never be overlooked as a tool in the marketing mix, as most accolades provide opportunities for public relations and marketing activities. Even a nomination in some awards can increase a company’s exposure and promote the brand to new customers.

Most awards are set up to recognise outstanding businesses and provide a means of accentuating finalists and winners. For example, the Gold Coast Excellence Business Awards host monthly award ceremonies leading up to their annual event, which enables businesses and individuals to network and explore new opportunities.

Winners of the monthly and annual awards are also encouraged to include the official winner’s logo on their website, collateral and social media platforms. To maximise exposure and notoriety, awards generally partner with various sponsors consisting of influential businesses, as well as a media outlets who will distribute the success story via their news platforms.

If awards are something your business or brand could benefit from, talk to the team at Zakazukha. We can advise you on what type of awards best suit your business and goals and put together a detailed plan and strategy. Call or email Zakazukha to set up a meeting today.