Modern times call for modern solutions


Many of us still look at the world through the lens of nostalgia. We often talk about the ‘golden’ past as an idealistic totem free of technology and the anxieties that come with it.

Why do we do this? Because sometimes it’s hard to face the present, and even harder to face the uncertainties of tomorrow.

But what if we decided to be a little more realistic? And chose to accept the fact that the future is now and we have no way of turning back.

In the realm of technology, nothing equals the rise and rise of social media – and how it is now an essential extension of our daily lives.

From a client perspective, social media is the necessary evil which is changing the way businesses are run, and can separate a good company from a great one.

Whether you want to believe it or not, there is now a crucial need to regularly produce and manage content for social media, meaning it cannot be left as an afterthought in any great marketing campaign.

Just about all social media platforms offer businesses the ability to identify prospective customers, communicate directly with users, engage with advocates and create branded experiences through advertisements and custom messaging.

However, social media is a hungry beast that needs to be constantly fed to make any impact or difference. For example, Facebook requires posting at least twice a day, Instagram Stories at least four a day and Twitter 15.

This is a lot, and while this isn’t possible for everyone (unless you have the resources to hire a full-time social media manager), a consistent and engaging content program is a must.

Zakazukha has in-depth experience in managing social media for a broad range of clients, including advertising and promotional campaigns, and can recommend how best to capitalise across these channels.

We create, direct and promote regular posts on various social media accounts as well as follow up any leads that may be generated through any content campaign.

Because we’ve accepted what tomorrow will bring and have chosen to keep our proverbial finger on the pulse, Zakazukha has created an in-depth e-Book and indispensable resource on the posting frequency across social media channels.

Just like a Doctor would prescribe the amount of vitamins you need to take each day, we provide a go-to guide on the right daily dosage for your socials.

To download your e-Book click the image…

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