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Growing roses only: The sweet smell of success

Media exposure can do wonders for businesses, individuals, or causes. It can showcase a product or service to a larger audience, increase sales, or disseminate a message to influence change. One such business that leveraged media exposure was Roses Only, a premium retailer of flowers and gifts. They partnered with Zaka to create a PR piece that would highlight the importance of gifting flowers on Mother’s Day and showcase their brand.

The strategy was to target the national morning program, Weekend Today, with a meaningful PR piece. Zakazukha succeeded in connecting with Weekend Today, and Roses Only's florists put together several incredible flower arrangements that were featured on set throughout the entire three-hour program. 

The table in front of the presenters was decorated with three white hat boxes boasting a gorgeous mixture of pink, white, purple, and yellow flowers. Behind the lounge suite, two larger bouquets displayed in vases beautifully framed the set and were seen throughout many of the news stories.

Despite the gifting fads that come and go, an arrangement of gorgeous flowers is still one of the most popular ways to express Happy Mother’s Day wishes. It’s a simple and unpretentious gesture that instantly brightens anyone’s day, and Roses Only's stunning and elegant flowers were visible throughout the morning for the presenters and viewers to enjoy.

Weekend Today gave Roses Only several shout-outs during the show for the beautiful gifts and host Belinda Russell shared a lovely post featuring the flowers on her Instagram page, which has a following of 259,000 people. This kind of media exposure can help Roses Only reach a wider audience and potentially drive sales.

Zaka's efforts have been instrumental in positioning Roses Only as a leading brand in the flower and gift industry. Through targeted media placements, Zakazukha has helped Roses Only gain 23 media runs in just 8 months, showcasing the brand's expertise and highlighting their unique value proposition. These media runs have included features in leading publications, online platforms, and TV shows, providing Roses Only with significant exposure to their target audience.

Zaka's ability to secure such media placements is a testament to our expertise in the marketing and public relations field. By building strong relationships with journalists, influencers, and media outlets, Zaka has been able to secure strategic placements that align with Roses Only's brand values and vision.

Furthermore, the media runs have helped Roses Only stay top-of-mind for consumers during key occasions, such as Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and Christmas, where flowers and gifts are in high demand. This increased visibility has translated into greater brand recognition, customer engagement, and ultimately, increased sales.

Overall, the media runs secured by Zakazukha have been a vital part of Roses Only's marketing strategy. By pairing media exposure with exceptional marketing materials and social media strategies, Zakazukha has helped Roses Only achieve their goals and stay ahead of the competition.

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